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Assignment Two

Stitching: Placed and Spaced


Stitching placed and spaced


A sense of repetition.

 Variety of scale.

 A placement design.

Frayed layers and torn textures. Use different fabrics, lace and mesh. Trap flowers between layers.

Surface qualities and colour…..I want to refine what I have made so far in part one and two, I would like to find a more delicate approach even though fragile, frayed and worn will continue to be present in my theme.

Source fabrics and lace to try out different surface manipulation.

Look to transforming recycled garments “ Make-do and mend”

Consider transforming old cotton shift…maybe dye?

Look to flowers and folk art

‘A Mid Summers Dream’

‘The May Queen’

Time passing….. Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter.

Maybe patchwork windows could inform this journey??

I like the idea of working small to begin with and then joining all the pieces together to make a larger statement.

Individual small flowers for trapping in windows through to autumn leaves.

Think about the direction of stitch also and the marks made with the thread.